Saturday, August 07, 2010

Alpha Rev

Originally saw this band in 2008 as an opening act for Del Castillo (at the same venue, the Nutty Brown). We were always meaning to get out and see them again, even though it took a couple of years for us to get around to it. Since then they have acquired quite a bit of buzz surrounding them, and have become quite a hot, up-and-coming Indie band. Some of their music has been picked up for use in TV and movies (including The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which is likely a stinker - but glad the band gets a boost from it anyway) as well as a recent bump via Huffington Post. They put on an excellent show, and have definitely got a posse of fans.

Here's an official video for the title track of their record:

This is a very unplugged version of them, and sounds like the same group of cicadas that were in abundance on Friday have been following the band around.



Ptelea said...

OMG - although I am one of the most 'new music' challenged people in the world - I actually have this song on my mp3 player. I listen to KBCO out of Boulder periodically and then download all the songs I like. They play this a lot and so do I!

Blueberry said...

Very cool, Pt!