Thursday, August 05, 2010

A disturbing trend

Pet dog gnaws off disabled woman's toe
Dog was a miniature dachshund, and the woman was sleeping.
"It's hard to take in when you walk in a room and there's a dog eating your mom," Elizabeth said, sobbing. "She told me to come in, and I dropped my phone and took off running. I didn't think when I went in there I was going to see that."

Man's Puppy Chews Off Four Of His Toes
This is a paralyzed sleeping man.
It appears the five-month-old pit bull mix named China, was playing with her owner's feet and ended up taking off all the toes, except the big toe on his left foot.

Cantrell says the dog is harmless and has never been violent in the past.

Authorities: Pit bull chewed off baby's toes
You should have to pass a mother test before breeding.
Deputies say the child's mother, Robie Lynn Jenkins, and her boyfriend, Tremayne Spillman, were dog-sitting for a man arrested Saturday night for illegal possession of a gun.

Jenkins told police she was on medication and didn't hear the child crying during the night while she slept in the same room. She said she didn't discover the injury until she changed the child's diaper Monday morning.

Dog chews off Michigan man's toe, saves his life
And the latest story in the series, this was a Jack Russell terrier, and the man was drunk and otherwise unaware of certain circumstances. He was a musician, and I have to think that maybe this will, at the very least, inspire a song.
"The dog always lays with me on the bed," said Douthett. "That night, I woke up and looked down at my foot, and it was wet. When I looked it was blood, and there was the dog looking at me with a blood mustache."


Debra She Who Seeks said...

How terrible. Thank Gawd I only have a cat. All cats will do is eat your eyeballs and they at least have the decency to wait until you're dead to do it.

Blueberry said...

and luckily too - cats are picky eaters (usually).

Anonymous said...

*Runs to feed her dog as much dog kibble as possible* LOL

I heard one story about a guy who's house was on fire and he was passed out cold. His dog chewed on his foot to try and wake him up and ended up saving his life!

Blueberry said...

That's one lucky man in several respects!

Professor Chaos said...

Could be worse, ask Marie Provost!

Blueberry said...

Whoa, looks like this thing has been going on for toooo long.