Monday, August 17, 2009

Drive-by rush hour shopping opportunity

Roadside Venus.


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An unknown person with bomb planted in a car collided forcefully Pakistan army convoy at a checkpoint in northwest region of the country. Twenty seven people were killed. More than sixty persons developed injuries. A deputy of Pakistan’s top Taliban leader took responsibility for the gruesome incident. Hake mullah Meshed, the Taliban commander who took a pledge earlier this month on behalf of the press to carry out suicide attacks to show their anger on the withdrawal of Pakistan troops from the border region and for putting an end to CIA missile strikes has done as he had said. He also gave a warning that there are more such incidents to follow until USA ends missile attacks targeted at tribal areas of Pakistan.
Taliban is basically the religious terror outfit movement that governed Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, after which its leaders were removed forcefully from power. It showed signs of resurgence in 2004 and started acting against governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan by indulging in extremist activities.
The explosion on Tuesday damaged about a dozen army trucks and jeeps and a police station at the checkpoint, said Farad Khan, a senior police official in the region. Other officials said that at least 25 security forces personnel and two civilians were killed in the mishap which injured 65 others, including three civilians. As a repercussion of the incident, Pakistan is under tremendous international pressure to act more forcefully to suppress the Taliban’s, the Islamism terrorist responsible for bloody attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The incident was the fifth suicide attack taking place in Pakistan- the country alleged to have perpetrated terror activities in its neighbor India.

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Theocracy = bad.