Saturday, August 08, 2009

Health care rally - natural turf

Rep. Doggett got more famous last week, after the astroturfed ambushing he got at a town hall meeting, remember the one where he's depicted with devil horns? He has continued having them, there was one on Thursday that I couldn't attend, but it was reported that people turned out on both sides of the issue, there was more security, and it was more orderly. The same goes for the rally on Saturday that we did attend.

John Cornyn (one of our Republican Senators) was there also, so that he and Doggett could speak at the children's health fair they were having. We didn't see that part as it was a separate event. Cornyn came out and was greeted with loud booing while he got in his car and left.

This crowd was predominantly pro-reform but the some tea partiers showed up too, and we were mixed in together so there were quite a few lively debates going on. We found ourselves in the midst of one, which I hate when I am outnumbered (which was not the case). What it really comes down to, and what these conservatives will admit when cornered, is that they don't care. If you want health care you should get a job, quite smoking, quit drinking, quit being a good-for-nothing, because they don't want one penny of theirs going toward taking care of another person's health. I said, "so your solution is just to not get sick?" and they responded with a resounding YES, healthy people don't need health insurance. Some of them actually said that there aren't any people without health insurance. They are totally on the Fox Koolaid. These people are cold-hearted, and that's that.

Lloyd Doggett finally came out and addressed the rally, and he got thunderous applause. He said a few words and had people come up to the mic with questions. He asked alternately for people who for health care reform and people who were against it. (how many Republicans would conduct a rally or town hall in that manner?)

I should add that all these people came out and stood outside in the noon sun and 102° heat for a couple of hours.

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Well done. I'm proud of you and your fellow clear headed Austinites.