Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Go back to your RED district... your own Representative.

We thought about going to the recent Meet/Greet (Town Hall) with Rep. Lloyd Doggett. We usually go if we can, maybe to offer support, sometimes with questions and always with comments on issues. They have always been very orderly. People stand in line to talk to him in person. Most people have issues and disagree with Doggett on something or another, but there are assistants there to takes notes on your comments and get your contact information so he can follow-through on them. We were shocked to see what happened at the latest one. Here is Rep. Doggett appeared on Rachel Maddow talking about the nature, composition and motivation of the unruly mobs that took over town hall meetings with Democrats all over the country.

Now I'm glad we didn't go. I sure wouldn't want to have been mistaken for part of that transplanted mob, and they apparently made sure that Doggett's real constituents didn't get to be heard. Rachel had another really excellent segment on these recent town hall planted mobs and the phony "grassroots" protest that shut down the vote recount in Miami in 2000.

I guess this was a big reason they wanted to delay health care reform. How can we combat these events in the future? I don't know if being part of an opposing mob accomplishes much. What do you think?

Here's the new ad from the DNC.

Note: it won't do any good to call the GOP as suggested, they are just referring people to the DNC, unless you just want to tie up the lines.

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