Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Why is it that right before bed, instead of being able to wind down with a few last minute check-ins to my favorite spots, that I end up image-googling some hideous frightening hairy beastie that just so happens to be parked right outside the front door? This guy is about 3 inches (click on the image if you really want to see it larger), and MrB thinks it's a wolf spider but I think is a nursery web spider.

So here we go again, with page after page of huge images of spiders to give me the willies, and I don't mean the good Willies.

This spider is big enough to trigger my phobia, so I won't be going out the front door for awhile (and we just got rid of the wasp terror!)

Scream image taken at Alamo Drafthouse.


AArdvarker said...

I am so spoiled by the Alamo, I literally cannot go to any other theaters any more. And while the food is not to die for, but the beer is cold and it's more than adequate. Spiders are creepy, mentally blocking that photo.

Blueberry said...

We are the same way, can't imagine going to a "regular" theatre, and haven't for a few years. It's also our Thanksgiving and Christmas Day tradition to spend (some of) it there.