Sunday, August 02, 2009

Party in 3-D!

Rented Coraline, and was offered the option of buying some cardboard glasses for viewing in 3-D for 15¢. I said "no, thanks" because I have in my possession as many as 800 pairs of cardboard 3-D glasses (see pic above).

After I got home, I found out that Coraline is one of a few 3-D movies (along with My Bloody Valentine, and Journey to the Center of the Earth) that require Magenta/Green lenses! Of all the...!!! Yes, a bit of a pet peeve when there are soooo many standards that you have to have a whole collection of things. Why??? I had to make a trip back to the video store for the alternate-color glasses.

Why do I have all these glasses?

I've had them for 10 years. When I discovered how to make 3-D anaglyph images using Photoshop, my corporate management decided it would be cool to do a Powerpoint presentation in 3-D. I agreed, of course. Powerpoint can be gawd-awful boring. The cardboard glasses were ordered in a large quantity to receive a price point benefit, then the company decided not to proceed with the 3-D event. I'm sure it would have been entirely too much fun. Then the company closed our facility (as part of a never-ending series of mergers, ugly mergers, power struggles and redundancies) and we were sent home along with some of our toys.

I finally put this box of 3-D glasses on eBay, all 750-800 pair for the low, low starting price of $7.99. I'm hoping they will sell, and maybe the buyer will turn around and make a profit selling them in smaller quantities. Good for them. My auction is here.


Freida Bee said...

Your reason for having all these glasses may or may not be better than the reason I have a roll of, like, 10,000 tickets. My sons saw them at an HEB and they became a must have. They have garnered me entry into a dozen or so puppet shoes, or actually more often I have purchased advanced tickets for puppet shoes that then didn't happen (learned my lesson, there). After about three years, we still have at least 9,500 of those suckers left.

I will report, on a more positive note, that the restaurant order pads have been in much higher demand, with some 100 or so orders taken in a matter of weeks with actual and good service on occasion.

I'm not going to show my kids your auction item, or I'll be doomed. Good luck!

Blueberry said...

Hey, well at least you could save on shipping by picking up the glasses in town. ;-)

I was tempted to file them under "bizarre items" because that's how I feel about having them.

10,000 tickets, huh? I would think some of these things would be in demand as movie props or something.