Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Senseless and Senselesser

Couple of head-shaking items related to religion.

Jonesville, SC: [LINK] Here's why Americans have a reputation for being stupid. Listen to this ignorant ass preacher who put on his church sign:


Yeah, it's maddening. Even after the huge flap over his (Christian) pastor, this guy is not convinced that Obama is not a muslim (and therefore a terrorist) because of what his name happens to be. He fails to see how the sign is bigoted or even political. Also, his whole scrapple-for-brains congregation voted to keep the sign as it was. After the story got international coverage, including Fark, he has since changed the sign. These are the people who think Bush is a good President. Another video link.

This video shows another example of people who have lost the ability to think clearly. There was a comment that it was like the Manson Girls meet Little House on the Prairie. Boy, is that spot on.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

On a positive note Robin Roberts looks great after her brush with cancer. I shall be resuming my crush on her post haste.

Blueberry said...

A fine looking woman.

Got enough crush to spread around to Nancy, Marie and Esther?

DrDon said...

At the risk of sounding "elitist" most people in the world are dumb. On a standardized Wechsler intelligence test, the median IQ score is set at 100 so half of the population falls below. In my mind, there are a lot of things that make people dumb. Some people simply have a more limited capacity than others. However, with many people the capacity is fine but there's a intellectual laziness that results in outward stupidity. If you never read books, get all your news from the Daily Show, and all your facts from Wikipedia, you are going to be a stupid human being.

Stupid human beings, particular those who are intellectually lazy, like to be led. They don't want to make decisions. They don't want to research anything to make up their own minds. And they don't want to spend the effort nor do they have the inclination to challenge authority. So priests, mullahs, rabbis, politicians, and other charlatans will always have a ready pool of people willing to slavishly follow, no matter how ridiculous the claims or edicts.

It may sound harsh to say this. However, I think one reason we find ourselves in some of the predicaments we do is that as a species we simply don't call people out when they are being patently stupid.

DrDon said...

And if you don't proofread your comments for typos, you can also look stupid. :-)

Blueberry said...

Dr. Don: I think it's very true that people, by nature, like to be led. It's comforting to believe in something unquestioningly, to have faith, to be given the answers to their questions... answers that bring comfort... whether or not the answers are true. Even really smart people can be like that. It could be from intellectual laziness (in their case) or simply a preference for comfort or denial over the DIScomfort of being skeptical, cynical and heretical (like me). ;-)