Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Leader of the pack, the BigDog

This is a very weird-looking critter. Is critter a proper term for a robot? I think it might be, especially for this one. It almost looks like a 2-person horse costume where the 2 ends are facing each other and the one in the "front" runs backwards. This creature is the creation of Boston Dynamics. What do you think of it? Cool? Scary? When they make a BigDog that "bites", then I'd have to say scary for sure.

Found via Plausible Futures.


DrDon said...

That's pretty cool. If I were graduating from high school today, I'd either go into robotics or nanotechnology.

BTW, I'm going to have to link to your blog. You write about science and know who Eric Johnson is. That's great. Although, I guess you'd be familiar with Mr. Johnson, being from the Lone Star state and all.

Blueberry said...

Robotics is a fascinating subject, and so is nanotechnology but I find the latter to be rather frightening.

As for Eric Johnson, I am a huge fan of his, and an acquaintence as well. He's my favorite guitar player and a heck of a nice person. I have not seen him play or even run into him for about a year. Too long.

DrDon said...

Wow, I'd be a bit starstruck to meet Eric Johnson. I play guitar, poorly, and he's one of the people whose style I love. He's probably one of the 3 people I would most like to be able to play like. Alas, he's simply been given far more talent than I.