Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp turns 45 today, but can still pass for 20 years younger. He makes any movie he's in worth watching just for his performance if nothing else. He looks a hundred different ways in photos, even those taken off the set, because he's never truly between characters. He's known for playing really eccentric characters, and likes to get "uglied up" although that never actually happens.

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DrDon said...

It's funny because my first wife used to love Johnny Depp on "21 Jump Street" and while you could tell he had teen idol looks, there was no hint back then of the actor he'd become. Nor in his performance in the first "Friday the 13th."

He is probably my favorite actor, along with Edward Norton. I generally think that most actors are incredibly overrated but I agree that Depp really stands apart. He was great in "Ed Wood," though I wasn't crazy about the movie as a whole.

Of course, just so he doesn't get too big a head, we can bring up "The Ninth Gate" and "The Astronaut's Wife" too. P.U.

But all in all, he's had a really solid career and is one of the best. I also love that he left the U.S. to live in France. That kills me.

Blueberry said...

DrDon, even the ones you mention have some highlights, thanks to Johnny. ;-)

My favorite actor too.

I also love the fact that he turned himself over completely to the whims of Hunter S. Thompson in order to really become the man on screen, and the fact that he made sure HST's final wishes were carried out... to have his ashes shot out of a cannon.

I can't even tell you what my favorite Johnny character would be, I love so many of them. Possibly Agent Sands from "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." I did get a chance to ask Robert Rodriguez in person whether Agent Sands would be returning, and his reply was a big grin and a long, drawn-out "maaaaaybe..."

DivaJood said...

Ah, Johnny Depp. He's also incredibly gracious, which I found out when he was in Redondo Beach shooting a portion of Pirates of the Carribean - the 3rd one - every day, at the end of the shoot, he'd come out and sign autographs for anyone who was hanging out. He was as kind and sweet and accommodating as could be - no big "star trip", he was just a nice guy.

I rather loved Ed Wood - it was hilarious. And I am one of about 2 people who actually liked Sweeney Todd.

Blueberry said...

I love Ed Wood too (and Sweeney Todd!).

If I had to pick a least favorite Depp movie, it would be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I thought it fell through, even though it had so much going for it. I didn't see it under the best circumstances, so that might have had something to do with it.

Ingrid said...

oh my god, he's 45?? I'm 44 and I am starting to see myself getting older.. why is it that so many age so beautifully?? (yeah I know, no birthing babies and hormones going haywire not to mention sleep deprivation)
He's one of my favourite actors BECAUSE he's not stuck up AND he's an extremely talented actor who likes to play different characters for the sake of acting..think of Tom Cruise.. got big but never really made it as an actor I mean sorry.. no comparison in terms of acting ability..
anyhoo, drdon is right, he was in some stinkers but he's never shied away (sp?) from trying different things.. happy belated Johnny..hope you come and film in Austin sometime, I know my kid will want his autograph and since he's picked the number one celeb to dole out signatures.. gotta love him for that too!
(ps.. we do loove him in Charlie and the Chocolate factory.. in fact, when I got my hair cut and coloured, ehem.. my daughter said, mommy, you look like Willie Wonka!! lol)

Nava said...

Loved him in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", and in "Chocolat".

Yup, he's one of the best.

Blueberry said...

nava: I own both of those. :-)
ingrid: He is rumored to be in a Sin City sequel (prequel?) by Robert Rodriguez, and when/if that happens, he will be in town. If he is in town, I would look for Bill Carter playing at the Continental Club (or somewhere else). Just sayin'...