Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend odds and ends

Just stopping in for a quick post. It's been really hectic around here for the last week or so. Not a bad thing, really, but I'm starting to wear out from it. There was a birthday party at some friends' house last night. Actually we hadn't been there before, we know these people from meeting them out and about at the shows. It was a great party where I drank too much wine. We met LZ Love there, and got acquainted. We had another mutual friend besides the hosts, so that topic broke the ice. Really nice person and wonderful soul singer. Listen to her here on MySpace.

Today, there is another show that I'm looking forward to. It's a fiddle/mandolin/guitar thing at 6pm over at a place called Roadhouse Rags. It's a vintage clothing store, from what I understand. The address is 1600 Fortview, Austin, Texas 78704. Dennis Ludiker (from the South Austin Jug Band), and Noah Jeffries (from Jason Boland and the Stragglers) will be jammin with Brian Beken (also from the Jug Band) so it will be an awesome session. Listen to some of their beautiful tunes here. It's not bluegrass, it's more like "progressive acoustic." The event is BYOB, but I am still trying to recover from last night, so my bottle will probably be filled with water. Ugh! I am getting too old for hangovers. Ouch.

Lots of work hit me late in the week too, so I've been trying to keep up with that, plus still attempting to switch over to the new iMac. As I suspected, all software needs to be reinstalled either from disk, re-downloaded or upgraded. Microsoft will be getting some more of my money tomorrow for a new Office package that will work. Sometimes new acquisitions can be a pain in the ass, even the pretty ones.

The grocery store is now beckoning... hope that chilly air conditioning they have will soothe this hurtin head.

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Mariamariacuchita said...

Gotta love the new Mac...been using one all my life. I use
Adobe everyday in my art job. I love the music info on your site.