Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Here's a video I posted back in March also, and it's a good time to give it another spin. It's from Kat Edmonson, a local musician. It's called "Be the change that you want to see." Just a bunch of good healing messages, reminders of what we should be about during this time. I am really going to try not to keep pounding on the wedge and busting on the Clintonites, even if I think it's deserved. It will serve them well to do the same. We'll see how long I last. A little restraint, if possible, coolheadedness, but none for the right wing. Eyes on the prize, everybody.


DivaJood said...

If you want to pound on McCain, c'mon over here and pound away. He's the real enemy.

DrDon said...

Well, you know I agree with this sentiment. I think this whole process got a bit too personal for some folks on both sides. Don't get me wrong, this IS personal because election of a president is incredibly important to all of us. But again, my point is that I think Obama and Clinton both have their strengths and either is a better alternative than the other side. That being said, I hope Clinton really does hang it up and doesn't just "suspend" her campaign as she keeps saying she'll do. She lost. She needs to move on. We all do.