Saturday, June 14, 2008

Republican music

Republicans sure do seem to have a hard time finding appropriate music to use on their campaigns! A couple of Democrats have too, but not nearly as many problems. The candidates and the people in charge of such things don't seem to be willing to either A) read all the lyrics, B) figure out what the song is really about, C) find out who the song belongs to and check to see if it's OK to use it.

Remember when Ronald Reagan's campaign used Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA," thinking it was a jingoistic/patriotic song, when it was really about Vietnam veterans and their difficulties.

McCain is breaking records with campaign song problems. He had a problem over using the John Mellencamp song "Pink Houses," which Mellencamp made them pull. Well duh! Mellencamp supports Democrats and has made appearances at rallies with Obama, Clinton and Edwards this year (originally he was an Edwards supporter, and he is always a bit of an activist). McCain was using "Johnny B. Goode," and although Chuck Berry is still letting them use it for now, he's made it clear that he supports Barack Obama. The latest flap is about him using the Orleans song "Still the One," but someone failed to realize that the co-writer of that song and founding member of Orleans (John Hall) is now a Democratic congressman. Even Abba reportedly freaked over his use of their song "Take a Chance on Me".

I don't see why they have such a hard time. He could tap into all those country songs (and by that I mean the plastic clear-channel stuff on most radio stations) that will work for Republicans, there's plenty of it that's on-message.

Or... McCain could use this song by Aerosmith: Same old story, same old song and dance.

Or this one: War Pigs

Links and sources:
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Th' Rev said... favorite sabbath song put into a stunning visual context 37 years after its initial release.
Shit fire!I'm old.

Blueberry said...

Me too Rev. But McCain is older. heh heh...

Mando Mama said...

What a fun, interesting post. The guy can't even get a theme song, how the hell will he run the country?!

I actually had the TV on this morning to catch a little of Meet the Press and saw a McCain ad. I think it was just canned instrumental music behind it, but through the ad he went on about how much he hates war. Excuse me?!

DivaJood said...

I think McCain should use Willie and the Hand Jive because that's what his campaign is: a lot of crazy hand jive.