Monday, March 15, 2010

Maximum Capybara

CAPYBARA sings to a capybara. from mark harrison on Vimeo.

We seem to be obsessed with capybaras lately. This video is not helping. This band (Capybara) is in town now for SXSW, and Caplin Rous, local resident, is the other star of the video. Caplin is mainly interested in nom noms, although he adds a few eeps to the musical mix. I don't how the band kept their composure during the song. I would have been cuted-out and giggling, but then I am not a professional musician (or any other kind).



first...i love the header of 'texas'..ha.
and the video cracked me up.

Blueberry said...

just took that picture a couple of days ago. And what a blue sky too!