Sunday, March 21, 2010

SXSW day crawl - Wed, day 1

{* additional video added Mar 23, see below *}

KUT radio is having a morning showcase this year at the Hilton to rival KGSR's at the Four Seasons. At KGSR's you need to get down there about 5am to even come close to getting a good seat (unless you don't mind squeezing yourself into 4 sq ft on the carpet next to the couch where you are dodging shoes, cameras and tripods), and the performers only play 2 songs, but they offer a great (unlimited) breakfast for only $5. This year we didn't go to KGSR, and went to the Hilton's KUT instead, where there is no breakfast (except what you want to buy at the Starbucks) but some of the performers played as many as 6 songs, it's free, and if you get there by 7am you can get a comfy chair with a table that is right in front of the stage. Choice made!! We saw Carrie Rodriguez (a local artist who left for awhile and just moved back) and Brazos, another Austin artist. Hayes Carll was supposed to play and had to cancel. These things happen.

After the Hilton we got in line for the first Paste magazine party. The guy behind us in line said that Givers (Lafayette LA) were good, so we checked them out. They were very high-energy.
{* Paste Mag has posted video of the Givers! *}
Freelance Whales (Queens NY) were a treat, and then we watched Suckers (Brooklyn NY) while we waited for stage turf for Okkervil River with Roky Erickson. Okkervil is one of the hottest bands from Austin, and Roky is a legendary local musician who was one of the first to play psychedelic music with the 13th Floor Elevators. There was an amazing documentary made about him called "You're Gonna Miss Me." The amazing part is that Roky is still with us and able to perform. I loved watching Will Sheff's face while Roky was playing... there was joy. Here's one of our videos from the show:

After Rokkervil we walked down 6th to the bus stop, and went down to Jo's Coffee on S. Congress. They had a full lineup of music going too, but we just had a sandwich and headed home.The cardboard sign says "Irish I was drunk." This was St. Patrick's Day, but the only difference between this day and the rest of the week is that we saw a lot more green shirts. There were a couple of St. Paddy's parties, of course, but hardly noticed among the hundreds of other parties.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, what a festival! Sounds wonderful!

Blueberry said...

It is pretty amazing! I've still got Days 2 and 3 to write up.