Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seen on Saturday

A gorgeous, perfect day in Austin, Texas. We had nothing planned so decided to go downtown and ride the new MetroRail in its debut week while it's still free, then have lunch at Cafe Mundi before it closes down. Started out stopping by the Library, where a yucca stem pressed itself against the eave and a bird built a nest at the top.

Also on the yucca was this green anole (which is brown for some reason)

Downtown at the train stop, the recorded voice informed us that MetroRail does not run on the weekend. OK. Drove over to Cafe Mundi and were sad to discover that it is already closed (apparently last week was it) and workers were there hauling stuff out of the building. Another favorite place bites the dust. {bummer}

Here's a person with a job that I hope I never have to do. On a day like today (80°) it's not horrible but in the summer it would suck.

MrB couldn't resist snapping this billboard. He is a sucker for cute animals or things that look like them. I guess this whisky-maker knows that.

Moving on from the Cafe Mundi disappointment, we went to this Lebanese restaurant that is located in a re-purposed Taco Bell. I love to see that! If you are local, this place is located right next to the Curra's Grill on Oltorf, and is a hell of a lot less crowded.

We stopped by the Farmer's Market and saw this car parked there. Something you don't see every day. To be honest, I barely took notice of it at first, just thinking somebody was pulling their boat (something to expect on a beautiful day).

How great is this thing? Pretty great.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Austin sounds like a pretty neat place! Thanks for letting us tag along on your afternoon adventures!