Monday, March 08, 2010

The Weary Kind

Ryan Bingham performs his (and T-Bone Burnett's) Oscar-winning song.

It was nice to hear Stephen Bruton's name mentioned (twice) during the ceremonies too.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great song! It's a bit disconcerting to hear that whiskey voice coming out of such a young, clean-cut guy though! And T-Bone Burnett is a rather striking figure, isn't he? I thought he was one of the most interesting looking people at the Oscars.

Blueberry said...

Ryan is young (28) but has been working as a real cowboy since he was 17, and has a few miles on him. We missed a good chance to see him at a free show on a restaurant patio last summer - blaming the heat on that one. That seemingly endless stretch of 105 deg can make one tired and unmotivated. Now he's probably too big to play there. We'll see.

T-Bone is a tall one, huh? So glad to see him with the Oscar, and local treasure Stephen Bruton (RIP) getting some kudos.


i love that song...i also loved the oscars last night..

Blueberry said...

I loved them too, even though I only saw half the Best Picture nominees. Hooray for the Hurt Locker, Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock. I haven't seen Blind Side or Crazy Heart (sounds like two medical ailments, huh?) but will see them as soon as possible. Christoph Waltz was terrific.

That Paranormal Activities with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin was hilarious. Looking for a scary movie? Check that one out.