Friday, October 01, 2010

Crystal Method, Cat Version

Since Henry has asthma, I am in a Yahoo group for that ailment. There is some useful information sometimes. Asthma kitties need steroids, 2 kinds of inhaled meds, and "trigger" controls (chemicals, dust, bad cat litter, etc.).

Generally, people on these kinds of lists are pretty religious (just like the general public), and I always cringe when they insist that their deceased cats are looking down on them, and that they are angels and are now waiting for us in Heaven (so, are they watching us or waiting in Heaven, or watching us in Heaven via big brother cam?).

However, usually the people coming in with new age, homeopathic remedies, or anything that is used as an alternate to the pharms are generally firmly scolded and corrected. In the following example, though, the cat's mom is using inhalers, but also using the services of an animal communicator.

OK, I am the skeptical type but I won't say that there's no ESP because I have sort of experienced it from time to time - it's unexplained, I can leave it there - a lots of things in nature are unexplained, it doesn't mean they don't exist, doesn't mean they do either. I also always think I know what my cat and husband are thinking. Am I right? This particular cat whisperer is also doing "crystal healing." Some excerpts from one person's postings:
I've been using an animal communicator and [my cat] told her his chest feels tight all the time, even though we're giving him a lot of flovent inhaler. It occurs to me that if I gave him a little Albuterol on a regular basis that it might make him feel better.
When she does the communication she writes down everything she said, the cats response, the emotional responses, etc. This time she also did an energetic healing session and the result was DRAMATIC. I think [my cat] benefitted both by talking to her about his feelings of frustration at not feeling well as much as by the energetic healing she did.
And quoting the healer herself:
I worked on [your cat]'s energy for a few minutes. I sensed that his life force energy was degraded and low because he's been feeling badly for a long time. He didn't have any reserves left to tap into. I've been taught that our bodies have energetic crystals in a number of places, so I removed and replaced the crystals in his lungs, heartspace, and stomach, and sent soothing, healing energy to his digestive tract. OK, just going back now to send more energy and oxygen to his bronchioles and other structures inside the lungs. Low energy can come from low blood oxygen level that doesn't provide enough oxygen to the cells. I cleared out the debris from his faith, trust, hope, etc. crystals that reside in the chest area, and polished them to make them clean and sparkly. I also changed out his entire crystalline spine to uplift his life force energy, and re-oriented the crystal in his crown chakra because it seemed like his divine connection was not entirely intact. I'm not sure whether or not all of this will be enough. It feels like we will know more in the morning, after he has a chance to sleep and restore his body and spirit. I will ask angels to attend him in the night, and to stay as long as he (and you!) need them. Please let me know how he's doing when you get a chance, and we'll go from there.
(please don't itemize that stuff on the invoice. It will look silly.)

No. Really. Actually I have some friends who really believe in alternate healing methods like this, and I have to say, at least it's not dangerous (unless you go off your meds), and you aren't ingesting mega-vitamins or herbals that will have side effects. Also, I am very jealous of this cat in the video below. Can I be next in line?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I gotta tell ya -- I'm not a big believer in stuff like this. But so long as no one is getting fleeced financially to receive this treatment for themselves or their pets, then hey, fine.

Blueberry said...

Yeah, I do believe in meditation, relaxation, but snake oil never was good for much. Of course, placebos are often as effective as real meds - the power of positive thinking! ;-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, Blueberry, re something completely different -- check out this video -- I think you'll like it:

Professor Chaos said...

Wow, what a scam! Oh, your cat has asthma? Um, he's telling me that his chest feels tight. Makes Kreskin look legit by comparison.

Blueberry said...

Debra, that was awesome! Sometimes it seems like there's hope for humanity.

Prof: it's a little bit hard to prove or disprove what the healer "did", isn't it? I mean, you can't ask the cat (unless you have cat ESP! ha ha!) and you can't exactly check the crystals in the lungs and heart to make sure they got replaced or polished or whatever.