Monday, October 04, 2010

This Week in Bugs

On Saturday, MrB saw these gorgeous moths, motionless in this position, and just an inch away was their eggs were deposited (which look like very tiny green grapes). I was very careful not to disturb anything, because I love having these creatures, they are so big and beautiful. From head to head in this picture, it measures about 2.25 inches. The next day, I noticed that they were still motionless, so I was rather touched by how they had mated, produced eggs and then died mating. Awwwww. Well, on Sunday afternoon they both moved. It was only a few inches, so at least one of them is not dead yet (I guess theoretically the live one could have nudged the other one's position). By Monday they had moved even further apart, but they are taking their time. I guess they are just hanging out with the family unit. Bugs! It will take an "insect communicator" to figure this one out. These are called "Giant Leopard Moths" (or "Great Leopard Moths") and they favor hanging out on this exact part of the porch. I'm just going to try not to disturb this little family and see what happens.

This bug scared me a little. He was over an inch long and looked intimidating. I wasn't sure if he was a giant fly, wasp, or what. Turns out, he's a "Robber Fly." It will bite you if you handle it, but apparently is is not looking to bite humans. They eat some bugs I'd like to get rid of (like wasps) but also others I want to keep, like bees and dragonflies. This fly will not get swatted, he is just part of that backyard jungle, survival of the badassedest.

(I think I just made up a word. Hey Sarah Palin, does make make me similar to Shakespeare?)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thank Gawd we don't have Robber Flies in Canada. Bless you, frigid weather!

Blueberry said...

We have bugs all year! At least, after it freezes hard once (possibly December) mosquitoes and a few others go away for a few months. Makes the yard a lot more pleasant for us walking blood-meals.


i just wiped out a wasps next the size of a softball, bastids.

Blueberry said...

We've got pesty yellowjackets that we can't get rid of. Maybe this big Robber boy will help.

Anonymous said...

We all have interesting insects and arachnids in our backyards. (Too bad some people will swat them or try to spray them with insecticide)
I'm not fond of the abundance of mosquitos this year though.

Anonymous said...

Aww, those moths are so pretty! I hope their eggs hatched and they all lived. Your yellowjacket infestation concerns me though. I hope you guys were able to call an exterminator to help you get rid of them!

Diane @