Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The House may flip but save our Dist25. Vote Doggett.

It bugs me when people put their photos on their political signs, whether I like the person or not. What are they trying to do? Show their attractiveness? That's bull, or it should be. I guess we all know that looks are enough for some voters. But when you put your picture on a huuuge political sign like this one - you are lucky if all it gets is a moustache. Ha ha!!!

She goes by the nickname "Dr. Donna," and I don't like having to think of a mean teabag instead of this awesome character when I hear "Doctor-Donna" but we are stuck with that situation for another week until the election.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, who is a real progressive and not a Blue Dog, points out that DD is not much in favor of government-supported education - which is pretty amazing to me considering that she is a medical doctor who had to put herself through school while working other jobs.

Her spew is the carbon-copy of the Tea Party, hate and fear-mongering, and she's proud of the fact that she gets her news from Beck, Hannity and Rush. Nothing different here, it's a teabot, as far on the fringe as anybody running and that's saying a lot.

I found it amusing in a sad way that her opponent, Doggett, merely posted unaltered videos of her speaking at rallies and giving her views, then all he needed to do was tack his approval text blurb at the end. No need for him to try to spin anything or cast lights and shadows. Just look and listen. We're done. Those are posted beginning here.

Really starting to like that 'stache though!


Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

Go Lloyd!

Blueberry said...

Lloyd is expected to win easily, at least this time, but now that the fringe right has emerged up they are not going to go back into their caves for awhile.

Freida Bee, MD said...

I moved back to Austin proper in this last year, so it was nice to be able to vote for Lloyd again, but I did miss voting against McCaul a little.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My first thought about that 'stache was "Viva Zapata" but "Fu Manchu" works too!

Blueberry said...

DrBee, the trouble with voting against McCaul is that he still wins.
Debra, I've since been seeing a series of "doctored" Dr. Donna signs, one as Hannibal Lector, one as Hitler, another with what I call a "Van Dyke" but could be called a Musketeer, and I'm sure there's a good Zapata somewhere too.

This Teabot is supposed to lose, but the trouble is that, in this political climate they are going to keep rising up like zombies for every election.

Blueberry said...

This whole thing got funny, because the people I work with think I did this guerrilla moustaching, and I didn't.