Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love this guitar-lovin' town

On Sunday from 3-8pm we went to a music show at Threadgill’s, it was the 15th birthday party for the Austin School of Music (ASM). The weather was just great and the music was too. It was free to get in with a donation to HAAM strongly encouraged.

Austin is a music town, and a music school not only provides great opportunities for students to learn from amazing teachers, but it also provides employment for great musicians as those teachers.

Darin Murphy
Had not seen him for years, and only knew him as a drummer who sang, and as a Beatle nut (and that is a total compliment) who got to play John Lennon on Broadway in 2005. He blogged about Lennon on HuffPost here (and I find it surreal that sooo many of us learned about Lennon's demise from Howard Cosell). Anyway, we really, really enjoyed his set with his band, which I would call pop music with Beatle flavoring. Listen on MySpace

Darin Layne
A phenomenal local guitarist who plays in many different styles. He was playing electric on Sunday, but here's a clip below where he's acoustic and more in the World Music vein. We really need to see him more often.
Check out Darin Layne on MySpace

Dave Sebree
Van Wilks

Dave is the guy who is the "CEO" of the ASM, and is one of the finest guitarists around. I was excited about his band playing because he hardly ever plays a gig! That's why we are glad we got these videos. On bass is Glenn Rexach who also played a nice set on guitar. This one I would describe as an emotional blues beauty.

Here's another Sebree band song, this one is up-tempo and infectious. I like it!

And finally, here's a powerful melodic guitar duo from Dave and (another local legend) Van Wilks. It's called "Halfway to Avalon," one they wrote together, and I know you can buy it on this collection but not sure if it's available anywhere else.

[addendum: forgot to mention Suzanna Choffel, but this post was already packed.]

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