Friday, June 26, 2009

Furbaby Friday - the Boxers

Henry's not too sure how he likes this new apartment. It's got a nice patio, but the paparazzi just won't give him a break.

Jax has been enjoying his beer box, and looking very much like Nonie from the online comic strip The Mows. Yes, there's a cat in the box, and it's a black cat - another belly lick-shaving black cat just like Jax, only Nonie is a girl. The other kitty character is Tigey. The cats in the strip are based on real cats. Anyway, the Sessions box is a big hit with Jax, as he has been happily punching holes in the top edge for customization. Henry has jumped in there a couple of times, but has pronounced it stinky and gotten right out.

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Utah Savage said...

Lovely. I don't get enough petting either, but like the cat in the box, I don't put out much energy in that direction.

Pyzahn said...

Online cartoons? Gotta check that out.

Did you see Johnny Depp on Letterman last night? I think Dave has a man-crush on him.

Blueberry said...

Oh boy, I forgot to watch JD on Letterman. Will have to hunt down that archive.

Friðvin said...

I have a huge box in the office which I use as trash for various store receipts or whatever. A few weeks ago, when I was derelict in my litter box duties, the Tot decided to get in there and take a dump. I haven't bothered to fish out those turds.

Is that TMI? It just crossed my mind when thinking about cats and boxes.