Saturday, June 27, 2009

June - hot. July - same. August - yup. September - ditto.

We are in full-on summer right now. It's been about 105° all week, in the shade, actual temps, not counting heat index which has been as high as 114°. I really tend to wimp out in this heat. It makes my head hurt.

Saw quite a few of these queen butterflies recently enjoying the front yard shrubs. This blue mist is like crack for butterflies.

We are at maximum sunflowers now. The birds are enjoying them, especially the dead heads, which aren't real pretty but they serve a purpose.

Friday, I couldn't bear to try and endure KGSR's Fan Fare Friday. I usually go to that. It's broadcast on the radio, and that's the way I experienced it this year. Friday night we went to a big concert event with Sarah Jarosz and The Greencards. Maybe more on that later. Today (Saturday) we basically ran errands, and on Sunday is the Cool House Tour. MrB is pretty big on going to that. He's a greenie. Anyway, we will be trudging around looking at houses and then getting back in the hot car for several hours tomorrow while the temps exceed 100°. Nuts. But it's really very interesting and always enjoyable, although I expect my brain will feel like it's been skillet-fried by afternoon.


Ptelea said...

Your sunflowers look beautiful! I sympathize with you on the heat issue. I am a total wimp - we have had below average temps but yesterday it got up to ~86 and I stayed inside most of the day (I should be outside right now!!!)

Blueberry said...

It's like breathing the air in an oven out there - but here we go in a few minutes - out to spend the day in it.

Blueberry said...

and can you believe how tall these sunflowers get?