Thursday, June 25, 2009

Health care for profit

Ex-insurance exec confesses health insurers dump sick people
This is testimony from former Cigna senior executive Wendell Potter to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. They will scour your past for anything that might qualify as as a pre-existing condition, and then they can deny coverage even though you've kept up premium payments. So, all you anti-health-care-via-government folks - do you trust Cigna? or Humana? or any of the other bottom-line oriented corporations?

More on pre-existing conditions (CNN): The industry's trade association, America's Health Insurance Plans, has a proposal to help people with pre-existing conditions as part of a comprehensive health-care reform plan.

But there's a catch: The association says insurance companies could guarantee coverage for people with pre-existing conditions only if all Americans are required to purchase coverage. If that happens, the group says, not only would people with pre-existing conditions be covered, their premiums would not be higher.

I've heard these stories many, many times - so, no, it's not surprising.

Read the articles at the links. There's lots of information there. I'm sick of hearing about America's health care being the best in the world. That's incorrect, and the people spouting that are highly delusional, or filthy rich. All people need to have health coverage. It cannot be based on employment status or existing health conditions. Everyone needs to be covered, that's the minimum we should accept or it isn't really reform.

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