Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Again, if Sarah Palin can’t take the heat, she should stay in Alaska. And if she going to turn her children into political tools they will become just as much fair game as any other person. If she truly wants her kids to be protected from the media, she wouldn’t have made them part of the Presidential campaign, dressed them up in clothing and assessories paid for by political donors [screen snagged HuffPo] (if that’s a leather handbag, it could easily have cost $700-$1000), and trotted them out at every event.

Now Bristol, a victim of the failed “abstinence only” championed by her mother and people like her mother, is the teen ambassador for the Candie's Foundation. Here she in on the cover of People Mag, showing the world how great it can be to be sporting a beautiful baby on your graduation day. (Oh wait – she’s supposed to be trying to discourage other teens from emulating her. Way to not do that, Bristol.) Candie’s is known for helping teens look as slutty as possible, and they have Britney Spears as their spokesmodel – another paragon of inspiration when it comes to motherhood and what NOT to do. (This is as hypocritical as the tobacco companies claiming that they don’t want young people to smoke). There’s nothing wrong with looking slutty or being slutty – but there IS something wrong with bringing another person into the world just because you didn’t take precautions – especially if you are putting yourself on a pedestal as a public model for best behavior.

Update: Ms. Palin has apparently accepted David Letterman’s very lengthy and thorough apology – and hopefully will call off her league of pit-bulls calling for his resignation. While media people like G. Gordon Liddy, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Ann Coulter continue on unapologetically after all the hate-speech that is partly responsible for incitement of domestic terrorism and murder, it’s pretty amazing what Letterman has willingly put himself through over a crude, tasteless joke.


Pyzahn said...

Letterman caved, but I give him credit for being a stand-up guy. In my head, the apology was to young women and not the crazy big haired lady from Alaska.

Ptelea said...

I have to say, this whole issue had me pretty angry at the Palins. I have very little regard for her and most of her family. I feel extremely sorry for the children. I do really like Dave Letterman and think he is a decent guy - he has always told some bad jokes - it is the nature of the profession. The Palins playing the rape card did nothing more than open up their children to some very painful rhetoric - it astonishes me that people are willing to open their big mouths with such lies - that or they are morons. Hopefully, it all dies down and life goes on... Thanks for that clip - I got a big laugh out of that.

Blueberry said...

Did anyone see the video of the Letterman protestors? What vile hatred they spew! Some called Letterman's wife a whore and his child a bastard because of being born out of wedlock. What do these same people think of Bristol then? I don't get them and don't want to.