Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Another one for me

Another birthday! Mine.

According to Wikipedia (click the title bar for more) here are some significant events that happened on August 24:
good things
1456 - Printing of Gutenberg Bible is completed, marking the beginning of mass-production of books
1853 - Potato chips first prepared.
1891 - Thomas Edison patents the movie camera

not so good things
79 - Mt Vesuvius erupts
1672 - St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
1960 - World record cold temperature is set in Vostok, Antarctica, of -88 C (-127 F)
1968 - France explodes its first hydrogen bomb
1992 - Hurricane Andrew hits Florida
1995 - Windows 95 becomes available

share a birthday with
1817 - Tolstoy
1960 - Cal Ripken Jr.
1965 - Marlee Matlin
1973 - David Chappelle
1988 - Rupert Grint (better known as the movie Ron Weasley)


PJD said...

Happy Birthday! I will have to owe you a drink of your choice Friday if you come to Buttercup or Saturday in the park!

Blueberry said...

I accept your offer!! Planning on Buttercup.

GodlessMom said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!!!

You are in some good company, birthday wise. Mt. Vesuvius kind of sucks though.