Monday, August 29, 2005

Hogg show

The Eric Johnson show at Hogg was fantastic! This experience was quite different for us as it was in an auditorium instead of a little club where we are always pressed against the stage. This time we had a reserved seat in Row V (as in “Venus”), not too far from the sound board where Richard Mullen was stationed. It was one of the finest “Cliff’s Intro”s I’ve ever heard (that freeform expression that he does usually before Cliffs of Dover, but sometimes before something else, and it's never played the same way twice), but then I seem to say that about most of them. After the show, I talked to Eric, and he said he’s been listening to the Greencards CD I’d given him a couple of days earlier! That was cool. I imagine he gets a lot of gift CDs so I was happy I’d made a lucky choice. I knew that he liked Nickel Creek, Alison Krauss, and generally good country and Americana stuff, so I thought he might enjoy it but it's still a bit of a nail-biter picking out music for someone else. Saw lots of friends and acquaintances at the show, and as much as I hated to miss the Del Castillo show I didn’t miss being out in the August heat.

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