Thursday, August 11, 2005


From "He's every employee's worst nightmare. He wasn't born mean and unscrupulous, he worked hard at it. And succeeded. As for stupidity, well, some things are inborn.

His top priorities are the bottom line and looking good in front of his subordinates and superiors (not necessarily in that order). Of absolutely no concern to him is the professional or personal well-being of his employees. The Boss is technologically challenged but he stays current on all the latest business trends, even though he rarely understands them."
Pointy Haired Boss

Actual email exchange with names changed to protect my ass:
From: The Editor
To: Me
Subject: edited text

Who wrote these? I did a little tightening, and one of the docs has a query on it. The author ought to have another look at them….

From: Me
To: Management and other team members
Subject: FW: [edited text]

Here are the documents which have been through editing. As she says, there is a query on one of them.

From: Management
To: All team members
Subject: FW: [edited text]

What’s a query?

The really funny thing is that "What's a query?" is a query.

Cartoon stereotypes are fun, aren't they? Here's a Dilbert character I can relate to:
"Dilbert's 'sanitation engineer' is a mysterious character who has inexplicable knowledge of all subjects from science to philosophy. He shows up occasionally to solve impossibly complex problems for Dilbert or Dogbert.

His role has diminished somewhat in recent years but he'll be back."
Smartest Garbage Man in the World

If I'm not careful here, I could end up with a job much closer to his. grin. It's not as though I've never been in that line of work.

On my current career path, I used to be Alice, but am gradually changing into Wally.

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