Monday, August 22, 2005

Mundi on Saturday

Austin in August! Hot as blazes and no relief in sight. I love it when the weather people try to make you feel better by saying "a little cooler today, ONLY 97, at least it's not in the triple digits". Well, this week all the digits are out. The five-day forecast barely has room to squeeze in all those numbers. We have been staying in more than usual.

Did go to Central Market to see Mundi, a really good band who play very olde style music, some from many centuries ago, some new pieces with old flavor. They have a harmonium player! They are also the only band I've seen using hedge clippers and a flowerpot for instruments. The fiddler (or maybe he's a violinist? When is it one or the other?) said he was playing a Baroque violin, which prompts all the old jokes from us, like "well why doesn't he get it fixed?".

The juvenile level humor fits right in at Central market, and at this show more than I've seen at others. There must have been hundreds of children there!! And everyone dancing! That's pretty great. When children still want to dance a jig, there's hope for mankind.My favorite quote of the night: "Most of our songs are about trees or flowers. This one's about flowers." I love it.
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