Friday, August 05, 2005

Thank Cats It's Friday


Nineteen pounds of big, black and beautiful. Jax is a whole lot less frazzled than I am this week, less frazzled than I am EVER.
- Carnival of the Cats -


Russ said...

It's always hard to tell with photos of black cats, but Jax doesn't look overweight (unlike the cat that owns me.)

He must be about as big as an ocelot.

Blueberry said...

He's pretty big, and has a panther-looking face (the strong jutting chin and great long fangs) that I haven't really seen in a domestic cat before, except for that cat down the street that might be a sibling. Here's a better picture of his face. A lot of his weight is pure muscle, but then there's that huge Buddha-belly that is flattened out in this pose. ;-) He's strong as a horse, and it's advisable to lift with your legs when you pick him up.