Friday, August 12, 2005

Duck and Cover: Warm fuzzies from your old Uncle is the website used by the Department of Homeland Security to help people prepare for terrorist attack. I was really just interested in finding out why they even bother having a Threat Advisory of "green", when we will never ever ever be at green until all the weapons of mass destruction are GONE from the earth... or spent.

Well anyway, I poked around on the site and find that they have some rather hilarious advice on protecting yourself from nuclear annihilation that is hardly more helpful than the old films we saw in school in the 60s.

The NUCLEAR BLAST page, tells you to avoid radioactive material. Going inside a building will help. Also, get far away from the blast. They have an illustration showing "You" trying to put a couple of blocks of distance between yourself and blast -- which just happened a half-block away!!!

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