Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Arts: Faux or Fine?

Here's a page of quizzes where you try to distinguish respected great and noble works of art, literature and music from stuff that would be considered to be crap, not exalted or respectable, or produced by an unknown. I didn't score that well on the quizzes I've tried so far. My art history classes happened too long ago, and I'm not generally one who would value every doodle that Picasso made on a cocktail napkin, just because it's Picasso (or whoever).

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Jeen Lilly said...

True art or a fake?
Your score is 100%

The first one was too simple. I thought they'd be more obscure.
Paul Klee, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Rothko, Josef Albers -- everybody knows these guys. the only name I blanked on was Kasimir Malevich, but I knew the piece was real.
The harder part was figuring out the fakes -- but I decided since the masterpieces were obvious, the fakes were obvious, too.

So much for the benefits of Higher Education.
My education (such as it was and is) ain't fer course credits.
Loved the "selling points" -- create your own Fakes in minutes! woohoo!

I took the "great literature or crap" quiz too -- the only Dickens quotes are from David Copperfield or Great Expectations.

I take myself by my smarty-pants and wedge my ego through the door..Ò¿Ó..

Blueberry said...

Great job!! You are well-read, culturally savvy and exceptionally smarty-pants on these topics. You are awarded a set of golden high-brows. heh heh... ;-)