Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kong is King!

Just saw King Kong and thought it was absolutely great. Beautiful visual stuff, great music, and it's really time to nominate Andy Serkis for an Oscar. He was passed over as Gollum because he was deemed to be a CG character. In my mind (and meaningless opinion), neither of these roles are CG characters. They are great performances with CG "makeup". Naomi Watts was fantastic too, same for Adrien Brody. WOW! But as much as I like Jack Black, I thought he was a bit off, I guess it's his humor I'm missing. (check out his Easter Egg on Fellowship of the Ring extended, the bit from the MTV Movie Awards. One of the funniest things I've ever seen.) That's all I will say about that, not meaning to spoil anything. There are some GREAT action sequences here too. Peter Jackson has a cameo listed as "Gunner". You will just have to look for it. I didn't see it, but wasn't looking for it. I've been avoiding spoilers and production coverage until I'd seen it, so I hope that wasn't a spoiler for you. To us it did not seem that long (3 hours). We are Lord of the Rings nuts too, though, and those movies don't seem long to us either.

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