Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another KO from KO

A H/T to my husband who sent me this video (posted here in 2 parts). It really does reflect my thinking about this administration and how it uses fear to take away our freedoms (NOW who hates freedom? hmmm?), and the timing of many of these events is very disturbing to me. The video is nearly 16 minutes long, but if you have some time it's worth a watch. Hey! It's K.O.!! You know it kicks ass. (Here's one more K.O. specifically debunking the latest JFK airport news event.)

Part 1

Part 2

Seems like when I was growing up, the government wanted us to feel safe even when there was possibly danger, they didn't want to stir up waves of public panic because the fear itself was considered to be a risk to National Security. I'm not necessarily defending their keeping some of those frightening things hidden, but I do see the merit of the national security aspect of the tactic. This administration, on the other hand, seems to either orchestrate, unneccesarily dwell, or attempt to control the news coverage on "terror plots" in order to draw attention away from negative Republican events (trials, subpeonas, etc.), newsworthy Democratic events, or just to stir up public fear, panic, xenophobia and jingoism in order to convince The People to give up their freedoms and allow the Constitution to be gutted. If you look at the history of Fascism and Nazism, you can see that these tactics have been used before. That's a "terror plot" all by itself.

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