Sunday, June 03, 2007

My cousin is now a serial killer

Well, actually it's my second cousin, once removed. See the chart below. First there was John Andrew Jackson Costner, our common ancestor from Banner, Mississippi -- then my grandmother and Kevin's daddy, Bill, were the offspring of 2 of his kids: Edgar Lugene ("Gene") Costner and Moses ("Mode", "Bode") Amariah Costner, respectively; both of Oklahoma. My uncle was a geneologist, so I didn't have to do all that research myself. I've got several of his books full of funny names and cousin-marrying galore. A lot of my kin were afflicted with what they called "the Costner dawdles", which meant that they were so fat that they waddled when they walked -- like penguins -- but less cute. Anyway, Kevin was born in California which put some distance between him and some of the hillbillies, both culturally and physically. Not that there's anything wrong with hillbilly.

I must admit that I kind of quit being interested in Kevin's movies after Waterworld. It had a lot of potential but the end fell apart so bad it was maddening. I thought Tin Cup was boring. The Postman was reviewed so badly (a Tomatometer of 10%) that I'm curious to see it for that reason alone, but haven't. Also saw Open Range, which was an alright Western with the benefit of having the delightful Robert Duvall in it. Kevin has made the most out of the Baseball theme (Bull Durham and Field of Dreams), but I think his real home run was Dances with Wolves. What do you think?

His new movie, just released (Mr. Brooks) has him playing a serial killer who is posing as a regular guy. I think all of them do that (serial killers, that is). Sounds like it might be good, maybe we'll see it... at least on video.

No, I've never met him and probably never will unless he makes a movie in Austin and is willing to meet another hillbilly cousin. There are sooooo many of us.


Peacechick Mary said...

Kevin, a serial killer? Ohhhh no, don't do that to us, Kevin. Please write cousin Kevin and tell him we want a hero, we need a hero.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I think only Bull Durham will stand the test of time. It's about baseball but also soo much more.

Lynn said...

Uh oh! Hope I'm not related to Jessica Simpson...

Costner just doesn't do alot for me, I guess "Field Of Dreams" was ok.

Mando Mama said...

That's pretty cool! My family's biggest and most definitely unsubstantiated claim to fame is a distant supposed relative who rode with Paul Revere on that fateful night. We call him ol' Wrong Way Dawes.

I'll admit I have a hard time seeing him as a serial killer. But I'm always up for a truly good psychological thriller.

I think JFK was alright (Costner played Jim Garrison), although no matter what the role, I always have trouble perceiving that he's playing someone other than himself. Not that someone shouldn't play him, and hey, if anyone's going to play Kevin Costner, he probably should.

Blueberry said...

Bull Durham. Hit Bull, Win Steak. A good movie and slice of Americana. Haven't seen it for many years (since it first hit video).

Jessica Simpson? Well, with Simpson there are lots of possibilities. I feel like a real-life LISA Simpson, that's for sure.

I've heard of wrong-way Dawes.

K.C. always does seem to be playing himself. I kind of prefer a character actor, like Johnny Depp. Now why can't HE be my second cousin, once removed?

I am also somewhat related to James Garner, but need to dig for some details on that one.

MichaelBains said...

Rockford was always my favorite! Even as Mel's ol' man in whatever that movie was. {-;

I'd really like to watch Field of Dreams again, but without someone to talk about it with, I'd probably get too bored to finish it. Shame, cuz the ending is awesome.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Dances with Wolves was definitely my fav, but Field of Dreams was sappysweet and cool for kids.

Pam said...

I'm not a big fan of his movies either. I think my husband likes the western-ish and baseball movies. I tend to fall asleep when we watch those kinds of movies together.

Dancing with Wolves is my fav. But I bet I've not seen half of his movies. A serial killer sounds more interesting than Wyatt Earp though (to me).

Cool family tree!!