Monday, June 11, 2007

Pottermania of the first kind

The link goes to an article about how booksellers are going to lose money over the next Harry Potter book. Many large chains and online sellers have deeeep discounts, 40-50%, so smaller sellers will have a tough time because they can't discount that much, and larger sellers are making no money on the book.

hmmm. I don't know. Normally I support my local indie bookseller whenever possible, but being a person of limited means these days, I went for, which was offering a 49% discount, no tax to pay, and free shipping... IF... IF... you spend $25. OK, Deathly Hallows costs $17.99... and I need to spend roughly $7 more to get free shipping. I bought a case of soap for $10. I'm happy, and I'm wondering if is not also happy.

FYI, carries every kind of soap I've ever seen, outside of the homemade stuff at the Farmer's Market. They also seem to carry every other imaginable product.

Something tells me that some of these other stores will feel a ripple effect of people coming in to buy the new Harry even without direct profit. Need a Hogwarts bookmark with that?



Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Many of us try to shop locally but it is hard for us, and hard for them. They cant compete with the huge stores and we can't spend double just to be supportive. Tough.

Blueberry said...

Half price with free shipping and no tax is just too irresistable.

I will stop by our indie record store on the way home and offset it. I want that Traveling Wilburys reissue!

Peacechick Mary said...

I know, I feel guilty when I do that, too. I read about a store in Alaska that bought their stuff at a Sam's Club and then sold it locally at prices lower than Walmart. cool, huh?

Pam said...

I pre-ordered it on amazon too. And I feel a little guilty about it.

The parking is also easier at amazon....;-).