Monday, June 25, 2007

Fundie Monday. Spoof, goof, or troof?

I found this on the sidebar of a right-wing blog. At least, it looked, for all the world, like a right wing blog. The content in some of the blogs is so preposterous that it's hard to tell if they are serious or creating a parody. I'm sure Texas Oasis fits that description for some folks.

Sing everybody:

He's got a baby T-Rex
In his hands

My theory on this graphic is that it was created as a parody, then misunderstood as being sincere and posted as a right-wing fundie banner. Then again... maybe not.

Captions, anyone?


Undeniable Liberal said...

You beat me to it. I just saved that pic from an actual lefty blog and was thinking about how to use it. I like your idea better. Great minds think alike.

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Blueberry that is so crazy. Is that a poster from their creation museum? :)

Then again, maybe carbon dating is a big liberal conspiracy. Like global warming. I think Michael Moore is behind it all!

Kay said...


"Save yourself from extinction. Believe in Jesus."

Hehe. Just kidding.

Blueberry said...

"I don't think this is a loaf or a fish, but I bet it tastes like chicken"

"Sorry about turning that water into wine, little dude."

"This is the bestest dog I ever had. wonder how big he'll get?"

Pam said...

Kay's caption is HILARIOUS!!

Surely it's not serious. But the fundie blogger thinks it is. You are brave goign onto those blogs. They scare me. I'm afraid they will reach through the computer and force kool-aid down my throat ;-).

enigma4ever said...

OMG too funny I love the Extinction quote....

" Mary , look Dinner. No More fish."

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

You guys, The dinos were not extincted, it was rapture.

The dinosaurs were raptured. The humans were "Left Behind"

HAH. That explains that!

Dino spirits raptured, the bodies buried so we humans can have endless oil. Mr Deity is one smart dude. It is all part of "The Plan".

Meatball One said...

To think we ended up living in an age where the ideological ontology of such a picture is near impossible to elucidate. Nice post.

Blueberry said...

meatball: I enjoy your blog. Where do you get all those pics?

Yeah, we are either headed into another Dark Ages or the world's environment will become uninhabitable by anything but cockroaches. Maybe both.