Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Son of God Zilla: the sequel

As a continuation of the last post, I googled up some more bizarro images and websites on the dinosaur theme, some poking fun and some dead serious -- all funny. This first one (found here) might be my favorite and is begging for captions.

...and you were expecting...who?

It's supposed to say "raptor", not "rapture". There was a typo. heh heh.

I found this one in lots of places, including here. I see that Jesus has his staff in a defensive position... just in case.

This one was all over the place too, but I pulled it from this evangelical watch site. To me this looks like "Rodeo Jesus". Yeeehaaww!!

Great costume. It's a dino-headed Jesus: J-Rex no doubt. Found here (there are a bazillion photos at the link, all you dialups)

Raptor Jesus, went extinct for your sins: T-shirt. Get your own.

This is from a kid's fundy page where a naked Adam is riding his dinosaur, and as soon as you load the page, this animated dude that reminds me of Neo in the Matrix says "Jesus created everything"... and who would I trust more than The One?


Undeniable Liberal said...

Wow, thanks for the laughs, you owe me yet another keyboard. ;)~

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Meanwhile, science is working on worthwhile pursuits......

Scientists set to prove 'Bigfoot' is no myth