Monday, February 04, 2008

Brain bog

I have been down with yet another sinus infection for several days. I am starting to get them more frequently lately. I used to get them all the time, years ago in St. Louis, and my ENT didn't even suggest that I get checked for allergies before recommending sinus surgery. Do you think that surgeons see dollar signs sitting there instead of you? I wonder sometimes. Sinus surgery is very unpleasant, painful, and takes awhile to heal. It also didn't help me!

After moving here, I started getting my allergies treated with shots, and after 6 years of regular shots I have a lot fewer allergies... so I do recommend those, and I like my doctor, but barometric pressure change and who knows what else still puts me through the mill. I don't think the shots can fix that. It's not Cedar Fever. I'm not allergic to cedar... yet.

My last sinus infection (late last year) brought on an earache and an inner ear problem that made me very dizzy. I went to my G.P. who sent me to my allergist who said that if the dizziness continues I should see an ENT. {sigh} In the meantime, I will muddle through with a low fever, the headache that goes with it, and try to remain upright. So far, so good... onward through the fog. Tomorrow will be better.


Riley & Tiki said...

Mommy & Daddy used to get a lot of sinus infections too. They work in a library. Very dusty. They also did the allergy shot thing a few years ago which helped. What worked the best for them was using saline nose spray several times a day. (Spray, blow, repeat) It helps get the junk out of your nose, so it won't get infected. Some people use neti pots, but Mommy is afraid she'll drown.

Hope you feel better soon!

Nava said...

Surgeons do seem to adore color contrast, green dollars and red blood being their favorite combination. And I dare say they do not bother seeing you.

Hope you feel better.

txrad said...

Here's a method that I recently learned to open up your passages.

You will need to do 10 small circular pressure massages in 4 places in this order. The indentations are just to the side and almost below your nostrils, below the outer corner of each eye, right behind each earlobe and then the earlobe it self. You can repeat as often as needed. These are pressure points and you should feel some opening after you are finished. It sounds strange but it works for me.

Not sure if you have ever used essential oils but eucalyptus is very good for sinus problems. You would just add a couple drops to a pan of steaming water and then inhale making sure to keep your eyes closed.

Sorry if this is too much info for you, just trying to help.


Blueberry said...

I am always open to helpful things, they make sense. The body is so weirdly interconnected.

Ellie said...

Two words

Netty Pot
also spelled Neti Pot

my health and body department can't keep them in stock.