Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stupid crime of the week

[LINK] A woman was trying to cross a barrier set up by the Secret Service in preparation for Barack Obama's Friday evening appearance. She was told that she could not enter the secured area, and replied to the agent "You're going to have to arrest me." During the arrest, she threw a plastic bowl of egg salad at his face.

She now faces 10 years in prison if convicted. Assault on a public servant is a felony. Watch the scuffle here.

Addendum afternoon: as if this story wasn't weird enough on its own, Fox News has retold it, calling the woman an "Obama fan." They made that part up.


Nava said...

Stupid indeed. I sometime wonder what are such people trying to prove...

Mando Mama said...

Fox did that? Seriously? How the hell do they get away with that crap and still get called a news channel? Forget that most of us can't stand them. How the hell do they stand themselves?