Thursday, February 07, 2008

Purrsday Night - Laptop

Jax insists on having some lap time every day, and part of it has to be when I'm on the computer. I've got him propped up on a pillow to help distribute his weight on my legs. He is showing off his lick-shaved belly. He is proud of it, but we all agree that it's not the best look for a belly that size, especially on a black cat where it really shows up!

Well, if he wasn't eccentric, he wouldn't be a cat.

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Ptelea said...

My Pat and your Jax look even more like bro.... siblings!! Since my other kitties passed away, Pat has started lick-shaving more. Belly, legs, feet and even tail. It is so obvious on a black cat!

Jax does look very proud! That belly looks so soft.

Blueberry said...

Jax does his "inner thighs" for that whole naked underbelly look. He also manages to do the back of his knees, elbows and even the middle of his back! So he's got bald patches all over but he's got a whole lot more hair now than when we rescued him.