Monday, February 18, 2008

Smells like victory

I just saw this stuff in the store yesterday. Yes, it's true... I don't get out shopping in the retail world that much. I had to wonder what it's supposed to smell like. I've seen claims such as sandalwood, leather, cardamom, amber, thyme, fir, and of course such mystical things as adrenaline and testosterone. Is that the same thing as carbon dioxide, oil, gasoline, war, lies, corporate greed, and complete disregard for the earth?

I'd rather smell like nuthin'.


Mando Mama said...

OMG, is that stuff for real? Wouldn't it be fun to go back to the counter, take a sniff, and tick off all those things you mentioned? Heh.

Happy Presidents Day.


Blueberry said...

It looked like a joke to me too, but it's President's Day, not April Fools (not that a fool can't be President... we know that can happen)

...wondering what testosterone smells like...