Monday, November 02, 2009

Austin's Heathens out there in the world now

Saw the Band of Heathens on Friday night. It was a beautiful crisp night in Threadgill's beer garden. They've been one of our favorite local bands since sometime in early 2006... thereabouts. They are getting out there in the world a lot lately, constantly on tour, so we don't get to see them that often here anymore... no more weekly gigs at Momo's or the Saxon Pub, and their latest record is #1 on the Americana playlist chart (there's a little animated ad on the sidebar of that page that I make, you can probably guess which one if you are a regular here). MrB took a bunch of videos, which all turned out good and are posted on my YouTube channel. Here is one of their new ones, an incredible song. I just love it.

Here's another one, this one is about 9 minutes long with some sweet vocals, organ, and guitar jams. Sit back and enjoy (hope it isn't hard to load, might need to hit pause and wait for the buffer to get ahead of you).

If you get Austin City Limits in your area (on PBS), they will be on there next week. Check your local listings.



between you and shady lane telling me about all the activities in austin, your making me home sick..but i haven't lived in austin since the late 70's and it's changed so much and not so much for the better(all them yuppie assholes on the road)
the last time I went i had a panic attack every day i was there when i got on the road...sigh*

Blueberry said...

Yeah, traffic is bad at times, and there is a powerful yuppie force. Eventually I guess they will win. Ironically the bad economy has held up a few gentrification projects and done some good, but that's temporary.

AArdvarker said...

Very cool group! I have no plans for renovation.