Sunday, November 01, 2009

Saturday Halloween, giggles and screams

Halloween was on Saturday this year, and MrB wanted to do a costume (two things that are many many blue moons apart) so we gave out all the candy and went out afterwards. We found out that his costume was way too scary for some of the really little kids, and a few of them freaked out when he opened the door... I mean screams, tears, the works. I finally had to started answering the door (sans the box), because I could pass myself off as a weird Santa, when actually I was Dick In A Box (except that my "dick" was Dick Cheney).

It was really very funny having a fake beard, because I really could have passed for a man. I was coming out of the stall in the restroom and some women freaked for a moment, then we all had a good giggle. Here are some pics from down on 6th street where thousands of people milling around in costumes.

Around 10 we went down to Cheer Up Charlie's on East 6th (which was away from the big crowds) to see Or, The Whale from San Francisco. They are a wonderful band but they don't really have a following in Austin. It was a patio party with a great band, a fire pit, vegan food, and free beer (for tips). The whole night, including the beautiful weather, was a real treat.


Blueberry said...

Oh boy, we have started some trouble. We've come to find that the little girl who lives next door is still terrified and will not come near our house, or not any nearer than she has to be, which is next door. Poor little thing. I had no idea it would be that bad.


goofy men..cant help themselves from grabbing boobs even if they are fake ones on men

Blueberry said...

so true. A lot of men just want the boobs. They don't care what body they're one, even if it's their own or another guy's, or if they're fake or real! ;-)