Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book burning rained out

Remember that church that was holding the the Halloween Book Burning so they could burn all of "Satan's Bibles," the ones that were not the King James Version... and they also included "Satan's popular books" written by "heretics" such as Billy Graham, Rick Warren, James Dobson, Mother Teresa, The Pope, and a long list of others, as well as "Satan's music such as country, rap, rock, pop, heavy metal, western, soft and easy, southern gospel, contemporary Christian, jazz, soul, oldies but goldies, etc."? Here's a link to their site, but be warned... the pages play non-Satanic music that has no mute button, so you'll have to use your computer's sound controls to do that.

Well, it was proclaimed to be a great success even though nothing was burned! Wouldn't you know... on the day of the big burning event, God made it rain! And then "those in authority" reminded them that they couldn't legally burn stuff anyway, so they just tore everything up (indoors) and threw it in a trash can. They made a video of the whole thing. You can view it here (it's a .wmv file and will prompt you to download it*) and it is a surreal 30+ minutes featuring a plastic trash can being filled with ripped up books, shots of feet, and closeups of the preacher's butt as it moves back and forth retrieving more stuff. There is some non-satanic music playing in the background and announcements of titles as they go in... Andy Warhol would have been proud. The most disturbing thing in it for me is when he broke and trashed the Tom Petty's Greatest Hits CD.

The lack of fire was disappointing, just picture it... a raging bonfire of Bibles under the moonlight on Halloween... how very heathen!The church's website is a butt-ugly horror with a bazillion pages, including one for ungodly politicians, which includes Obama of course, but also includes Dubya Bush, Kay Bailey Hutchison, John McCain and Sarah Palin! Actually the whole site is perversely entertaining, with their lists of things (including the good, bad and ugly of their county, such as a gas station that doesn't sell beer or lottery tickets - that's in the category of "good"). If you want a similar website for yourself, you can get ahold of this guy. He did it, and did it godly.

*I was soooo tempted to upload it to YouTube, but was afraid people would think it was really my video.


AArdvarker said...

Wow. This must be the new definition of irony in a cult.

That screecher, I mean preacher, really has Gawd's ear, doesn't he?

Professor Chaos said...

Ha! How do they explain this away? Maybe they aren't really doing God's work after all!

Blueberry said...

They explained it by saying that the rain made them be indoors (dry) while the media got wet outside -- and here I thought it was publicity stunt. Aren't they wanting media coverage for something like this? Otherwise why did they make a big deal out of it?


the goddess works in mysterious ways..