Friday, November 06, 2009

Home alone weekend

I will be on my own this weekend, MrB is going to St. Louis to see his family members, leaving me with the cat care, birdbath duties, and trying to figure out all these damned remote controls. There are lots of events I've got penciled in, but will probably end up staying home instead, at least at night.

Henry the cat is having some health issues (picking him up from his day admission soon) so I might need to ratchet up my role of kitty caregiver. He wasn't able to stand up last night, his legs wouldn't hold him. My theory is that he jumped down from something, and with his arthritis ended up temporarily hurting himself. This morning he could walk again, but I wanted the doc to check him out anyway. [back from the vet now, don't know anything for sure, could be what I thought with the jump impact triggering sciatica, or possibly a heart issue... we won't know without an ultrasound at the cardiologist -- sigh]

Some weekend options:
The Celtic Festival is this weekend, both days. I loooove that music and this festival. It's in the blood. Cost is $12 per day I think, plus beer and snacks (some of which contain "treacle"). There's also Fun Fun Fun Fest if you prefer something harder. One of my favorite local bands, Shearwater, will be playing but I think I will have to wait for their CD release tour to see them.

Saturday night, Ruby Jane is having her 15th Birthday party at Roadhouse Rags. There will be good music, BYOB, and admission is $10. Also on Saturday night, Crooked Still is playing a free show down in San Marcos [venue]. Two excellent choices.

This is the last weekend for the Chuck Close exhibit at the museum. I think admission is $5. I really want to go to this so will probably drag my butt downtown for it on Saturday, and knowing me, will wimp out on the nighttime events.


AArdvarker said...

This made me wonder...... have you asked your vet about possible ash in his kitty food? It can cause paralysis of the back legs.
My cat used to be up and down until we figured it was the dry kitty food.

Blueberry said...

Cat food is horrible stuff. Didn't know about that one, but Henry is mostly eating canned food (Jax is all dry food though). What brand food was giving you the trouble?


was going to her african drum dance class then to the indian powwow...she has a lot of fun there..

Blueberry said...

African drum class!! I'd enjoy that.

Did some shopping today and some weed pulling in the beautiful warm weather, got devoured by mosquitoes in the back yard (looking forward to the first freeze to get rid of those damned virus-bearing blood-suckers)

Stayed home tonight (Saturday) and watched The Band of Heathens on Austin City Limits. We did make it into the crowd shot on the first song. (yay!)

No live music or art museum though.

AArdvarker said...

Blueberry, the flu shot place is the Nextcare on the south side of William Cannon close to Escarpment, right across the street from the Walgreens.

AArdvarker said...

This kitty paralysis was years ago, but I have heard that many dry brands contain ash. Think we were using Purina or Meow Mix. We no longer have cats (allergies) but we now only use organic dog food not made in China, because of the junk and poison. It may not be a bad idea to do a bit of research. My cat was up and down, dragging her back legs around before a country vet told us about this issue.