Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Here it is Tuesday, so I'm trying to catch up with posting (plus I still have an award to pick up and run with). MrB returned from St. Louis, bringing me this souvenir (he's allergic to peanuts, or I would not have been gifted with this).

Saturday was beautiful, warm and sunny. I shopped at the chains on Brodie (for necessities) and spent time pulling weeds and being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Ended up wimping out on Saturday night of my Home Alone weekend, but that's not surprising. These days I'm not used to going out alone and not that comfortable with it. It's been years since I did that. Even after my friend called me at 9:30 or 10pm to tell me that Eric Johnson was in the house at the Saxon Pub I couldn't bring myself to get presentable, drive across town, then try to find parking followed by trying to squeeze myself into an already packed house for Stephen Bruton's birthday celebration. (geez, I am pathetic.) The Saxon Pub is a great place but IMHO does not do big crowds well. It's the tables and chairs... standing room only is one thing (such as Antone's), but dealing with seated people who want you to get out of their line of vision is another. It can be unpleasant... {sigh}. Last time I went through that it was worth it though, because it was New Year's Eve eve, and Stephen Bruton himself performed a couple of songs. He was fighting cancer, which finally got him him a little over four months later. Anyway, Saturday night I did watch the Austin City Limits Band of Heathens episode on TV, where we did get a crowd cameo shot, as I thought we might. :-)

Henry the cat was doing much better over the weekend. His pain meds are doubled now, and that's been a helper. He was a very bad patient on his day admission Friday, and I have to think it was because of having pain.

Sunday found me running through a parking lot with a full grocery cart in the pouring rain, but most of the stuff in there is bundled in plastic, glass or metal (Save the oatmeal!!!!). The rain on Sunday also got me out of MrB's yard work duties. Birdbaths = filled!

Monday I started out by stupidly burning my fingers on the hot stove (my brain disappeared briefly at approximately 4:45AM). Great way to start the week! They are fine today. I put ice on them immediately after, which is exactly what the Mayo Clinic website tells you NOT to do... so don't do that... but it didn't hurt me any. Today (Tuesday) there's some tenderness and a possible blister forming but that's it. Fine.

It's coming up on 6AM now, so gotta go get in the traffic soon.

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my ability to go out late at night is if i took off my bar yet..if the bra is off? forget it..