Thursday, October 29, 2009

New decorations and venue plugging

I've done some housekeeping here at the blog. No, I didn't (knowingly) throw anything away, but I did make a little storage area further down the sidebar - a blogroll of places and people I like, but are not updated so often these days, so if it looks like you are missing you might be relocated. Also got a new banner up.Just like the previous one, it's a shot taken at Roadhouse Rags. You won't find a more "South Austin" place than that. Friendly, great music, BYOB, BYO dog (but there's already a pretty cool dog there), and they sell vintage clothes. Here you go, there's your backstage pass.

And, I have to add, that I've never in my life seen a prettier port-o-potty. This is the women's (obviously). I didn't photograph the men's.

Here's a previous post with some pretty cool photos of the place.



I love Austin..I'd live there if the population was the same as West,Texas...I love the header..
are you going to the day of the dead parade? if you go...holler for Shady Lane and tell her Jackiesue said howdy.

Blueberry said...

Not sure about the Day of the Dead parade. Planning on seeing the Band of Heathens tonight and costume carousing tomorrow - will probably not do 3 days of stuff in a row.

Haven't gone out for Halloween in a really long time - hoping the house doesn't get TP-ed or worse. Should I put out a bunch of help-yourself candy? does that appease anyone?

AArdvarker said...

Nice the photos!