Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oklahoma Suks Beer

Could not resist this beer at HEB, even though I am not exactly a football nut (but of course I will root for the Longhorns over Oklahoma for crap's sake!). I do not have any affection for Oklahoma. My mother and her mother were born there, and I've seen quite enough of it being driven back and forth the entire length of it on the Turnpikes sooooo many times growing up. There used to be a Stuckey's (or was it HoJo's?) right in the middle of the OK trip (which is now a McDonald's), and that was the complete highlight of Oklahoma for me because of all the trashy souvenirs (the love of that tacky stuff is in my blood, I'm very sure of it), and because it stretched over the road offering a kid an interesting view (besides just the miles of incredibly flat red dirt).

You really couldn't pay me to live in Oklahoma. I mean it.

Turns out, the beer is a pretty decent local microbrew (Independence Amber), and if there's any left at the store we might have to pick up another case.



oh I have to send that to my 2 friends that live in oklahoma..that cracks me up..

Blueberry said...

Oh! poor things! ;-)

AArdvarker said...

Very cool beer. Oklahoma does suck, take it from one with family roots there.

Blueberry said...

AA: You and me both.