Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You ain't woman enough to be my man.

[source article] A Kenyan priest has made some inflammatory, and frankly, hilarious comments from the pulpit regarding the recent marriage of two Kenyan men in London.

His explanation is that men want to marry other men because women have failed to provide what they should in marriage. Women have become too complicated and unattractive. He goes on to say that women need to become more "Godly" and "womanly."

Makes perfect sense. If your woman isn't womanly enough for you, try a man. Priests say the darndest things.

Found via Mark Morford



holy shit! so? whats his reason for 2 women marrying? men aren't Godly enough, aren't manly enough?

Blueberry said...

My head is spinning on this one.

AArdvarker said...

So he blames a woman for a man being gay?

Because GAY is Bad (according to this asshat priest), and whatever is bad must be a woman's fault, as men are assumedly blameless, irresponsible and can't keep their thingies in their pants.

This priest probably blames child sexual abuse on women not putting out as well, which unlike being GAY is BAD and a crime.

Jesus effing Christ, no wonder I don't go to church.

Anonymous said...

If your woman isn't womanly enough for you, try a man.

But... if your woman isn't "womanly enough' wouldn't she be sort of--to quote Austin Powers--'manish'? And that being the case, why on earth would it make sense to try men?

Blueberry said...

This guy is going to blame women for pretty much everything that he doesn't like - all the way back to Eve.

Professor Chaos said...

I'm surprised he didn't blame witchcraft!